Thursday, February 25, 2016

Garage door company reviews in Colorado

Geez.  So I was doing some research on garage door companies today because I would like to get a new garage door for my house.  It is so hard to figure out which companies to go with, how big they are and if they are actually local, are a franchise, or are on some sort of national dispatch system.

There are hundreds of companies out there in my city and I guess we just start with filtering out the ones that do not have any reviews.  Then we look at the remaining ones with reviews.  It seems that most of these companies tend to make a majority of their customers happy enough.  Some of them have hundreds of reviews.  Some of them look fake, some of them look real.  They have so many reviews that you have to look pretty hard before you find a bad review but when you do have a bad review, man oh man they are horrific.  I guess the ones that have so many reviews are either padding their numbers to hide the bad reviews or they are so busy that they get reviews all the time.  So, at this point it is really hard to decide.

I decided that I would take a look at a company that was showing 6 reviews online and see if I could find any more reviews besides those.  This company had 6 reviews, all 5 stars but google was showing a rating of 4.8.  The math does not add up for me there but as I looked around and searched the company I found more reviews on yelp and a few other places.  All of the reviews were awesome with not a bad review to be found!  Did I just find the company that I should choose?  I think so!

Their website looked nice, it could use a few more pictures maybe but has a lot of information.  The site said Garage door repair Thornton but I quickly found a link to new garage doors.  There was a lot of information there, price comparisons, door comparisons, big box store prices, product reviews and many other things.

I called them and they were super friendly and very upfront about the prices.  A BONUS!!! They said that the prices were set and the quote over the phone was what the final price would be.  They told me that they could come out the following day and put in the door that best fit my needs.  They asked a lot of questions to help me determine what door would be the best for me at my house. Once we were set on the door, we had the price, and the appointment to install.  The next day the installer was at the house, he was very friendly, gave a ton of additional information and once the installation was complete I was happy that I chose them because they totally lived up to all of the online reviews.  It was the owner of the company that put in the door.  He is a small business owner and he and his family live in the town of Arvada.  I am so happy with my door and that I called them to put it in!